David Giertz on social security in retirement planning

11/16/2017 Updates: David Giertz continues to talk up the importance of investment for retirement early. But this time he’s talking about the benefits of saving so that you can continue spending. This is a part of retirement that many people don’t even think about. However, it’s vital for you to plan ahead, consider where you […]

Information about Shafik Sachedina

     In his capacity as the Department head of Jamati Institutions at Secretariat of his highness of Aga Khan at Aiglemont in France, Shafik is tasked at programmes and activities coordinating of the institutions of Ismaili community in the sixteen main areas where the institutions exist. Dr. Shafik is also tasked with interfacing with the […]

Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing For a Life Line Screening

     Lifeline Screening is a medical screening and testing company that offers various diagnostic tests at a fraction of the cost of what would be charged at a hospital or a medical testing facility. We all go through life with various aches and pains, but if something is really a possible problem you should have […]

Arthritis Danger, Arthritis Relief

Are you at risk for Arthritis?   The most frequently recognized type, Osteoarthritis, occurs when your body’s cartilage experiences deterioration. Since cartilage is located within the structure of the body’s joints those with Osteoarthritis may ache and feel pain in these areas. Arthritis itself is a spectrum of diseases that affect the joints and cause […]

Eli Gershkovitch Is a Craft Beer Expert

If you appreciate craft beer, then you’ve probably heard about all of the fantastic options that are available to you in Canada. “The Great White North” is a major player in the craft beer world these days. There are quite a few acclaimed brew producers located in Canada, too. People can find these producers in […]

Glen Wakeman’s Impact in Providing Software Solutions to Online Entrepreneurs

Currently, a majority of businesses in the world are online based. This means that more opportunities are opening up for software suppliers and developers. LaunchPad Holdings is one of the beneficiaries of the massive software market. The company under the headship of the CEO, Glen Wakeman, is able to provide business planning resources for early-stage […]

Securus Technologies Becomes more Diversified in Business

Securus Technologies Inc. has been working towards its expansion since 2014. The company recently announced its success as well as the transition of business that is going to embark on.   The business of Securus Technologies Inc. used to only in the industry of inmate communication. The expansion of the company has made Securus Technologies […]

Dr. David Samedi Provides Tips For Men To Stay Sexually Healthy

     Dr. David Samedi suggests you stay away from illegal drugs for several reasons. First, they are not good for your health. Second, they will hinder your sexual life. Some men foolishly think that illicit drugs can improve their sex performance, but this is often the opposite. Many illegal drugs can cause a feeling of […]