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The Scoop on Capitol Anesthesiology Association

The Basics The Capitol Anesthesiology Association, based in Texas, is one of the leaders in the art of anesthesiology. Specializing in both local and general anesthesia, Capitol also offers regional, pediatric and obstetric anesthesia. In addition, Capitol also offers thoracic and cardiovascular Anesthesia. With the patient in mind at all times, Capitol strives to provide […]

Build Your Hair With The Superior Effects Of A Leading Beauty Product

Why not infuse your hair with superior rich ingredients that work to nourish your hair from root to tip? Thousands of women are relying on all natural ingredients to nourish and saturate their scalp, giving the hair the benefits of growth and revitalization. Wen by Chaz is packed with essential vitamins that gives your hair […]

Nathanael Ru – The Mind Behind the Sweetgreen Chain of Restaurants

Every day before you set out for lunch, there are a number of things you always consider before making a stop at any restaurant. Am I really hungry, what food do I feel like munching, what’s the order process like and how yummy will it be? Those coupled with how much longer will I have […]

Lime Crime is the Brand for Creative and Colorful Minds

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, took her outgoing personality, unique and innovative ideas and created a brand with her love for color and customers in mind. That’s why she oversees all product development and why all her company’s products are vegan and cruelty free. Meaning they never test any of their products on animals. […]

The Incredible Usefulness of Shea Butter

  It has many names but most people know it as Shea butter. Technically speaking, shea butter is classified as a fat. That is one of the many reasons it may be a surprise to many that it is used as a beauty product. It has many uses, but mainly it is used as salve, […]

George Soros Stands for Reforms in the USA

There are three issues that George Soros holds dear to him. Soros stands for criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms as well religious tolerance in the United States of America. Having spent millions in the past general elections, George Soros, and other rich liberals met in Washington to discuss the way forward as well as the […]