Monthly Archives: March 2017

Vijay Eswaran’s Exploits As An Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran is a leading businessman that has had success in network marketing. He is the executive chairman of QI Group. Vijay Eswaran founded the company after leaving corporate America and returning to Asia. His firm offers its broad client base with innovative solutions in different sectors, including direct selling, hospitality, education, retail, and financial […]

WEN By Chaz Dean – All Natural And One of A Kind

WEN hair care by Chaz Dean is the kind of product line that does what it is supposed to do. It delivers high-quality hair care and brings damaged hair back to life. One of the most used products of WEN is the cleansing conditioner. The product has a unique 5-in-1 formula which cannot be found […]

Jeremy Goldstein Introduces Presence on Lawyer Referral and Information Service’s New Online Portal

New York Attorney Jeremy Goldstein has 18 years of experience providing legal advice and services to corporations, individuals, and businesses. He serves the Greater NYC area and is listed on New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) online portal of board certified lawyers. The new portal allows people to use its […]

Benefits of Innovacare Health’s New Leadership

InnovaCare Health is a leading Medicare and Medicaid Advantage services, provider. It is based and provides health care services to residents of Puerto Rico. Recently, the company added new executives to help spearhead its programs and services. The CEO Richard Shinto is optimistic that the new additions will help realize more success to the company. […]

Oncotarget – The Outstanding Journal

Oncotarget is a traditional journal that publishes and releases papers on a weekly basis concerning health issues. The journal’s reputation keeps on growing each day after the other based on the credible information provided. So what is our main goal as Oncotarget fraternity? Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press. Well, we strive to have […]

The Success Attributed To Marc Sparks in Development of Successful Business Ventures

Financial and investment field have contributed to the rise of successful businesses across the world. Different types of organizations and corporate entities have developed business ventures that have been linked global standards. As such entrepreneurs have also emerged developing start-up businesses that have grown into multinational ventures. Marc Sparks is a leader in the entrepreneurship […]

Fabletics: A Story Of Innovative Success

Fabletics, a clothing line for fitness that has also added to the athleisure trend (sports garments to wear outside the gym), and with which it shares their healthy lifestyle. It does not only promote fitness or spending hours at the gym but living a healthy lifestyle. The brand understands the “new” customer and adapts to […]

Why You Should Try WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Products

If you stay up late at night, you most likely have seen at least one commercial for hair care products by Chaz Dean. This is the commercial where a number of women are all talking about their hair and what their hair was like prior to becoming a promoter for the product. They shake their […]