Nationwide Title Clearing (NTC) is a document charter company specializing in processing services, located in Palm Harbor Florida. NTC is responsible for delivering post-clearing documents to various sects within the mortgage industry. NTC delivers fast, reliable online property reports, lien releases, and other services and documents. NTC is the foremost provider to some of the top residential mortgage providers in the United States. The company uses the highest quality tools in order to obtain customer satisfaction, such as human verification and county document tracking in 3600 jurisdictions. For example, submission requirements may vary from county to county and NTC makes sure all required documents are obtained. Due to their top-tier service and reliability NTC has won numerous awards for their dedicated work such as the Inc. Hire Power award in 2013. The award is given to the companies who show outstanding initiatives towards creating jobs for Americans.

Similarly, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has remolded its website in order to respond to client complaints regarding title defects. With the new website in place, clients can easily access and order property reports online. Prior to the introduction of online retrieval, clearing title defects look time and resulted in unnecessary delays. With the current online system, clients are able to access any document they require at any time.

In recent times, the real estate market has seen a great multiplication of Title defects, often leading to foreclosures. Such foreclosures have lead to a deflation in transitions into secondary markets. In this instance, property records serve to protect risk of buyback or ineffectiveness in closing. In order to avoid this, NTC has created a faster and simpler online method for obtaining property reports. Title defects are usually a direct result of someone claiming property not owned by them. Moreover, invalid titles can also be caused by the wording of the document, non-success in including required signatures, unremoved prior liens, and other encumbrances, and inability to follow proper filing procedures. NTC has successfully addressed these issues by creating online property report retrieval tools. The online process ensures that any title defects get addressed prior to transfer or selling of a property. NTC has made the following property reports available online, Assignment Verification Report Services, Current Owner Report (O&E-Ownership and Encumbrance Report), Tax Status Report, and Tax Status(Plus) Report.

What makes NTC unique is that it collects data from across multiple sources and counties during the report obtainment process. Doing so successfully allows NTC to couple automation with human verification, enabling it to provide business to some of the largest lenders within the United States. NTC takes the time to become informed of clients needs, permitting them to create customized property reports.

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