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Dick Devos: A Hard Working Man and a Charitable Contributor

Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. is also known as Dick Devos and he is the current President of the Windquest Group. He has been a leading figure for this alternative energy organization since 2002. Over the years, Dick Devos and his wife (Betsy) have given millions of dollars to various organizations.   They have created the […]

Rick Smith’s Role in Incorporating Technology to Create a Safe Society

Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, is said to be a man full of expertise and experience in the field of technology. Based in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Securus Technologies is a prison technology firm founded in 1986. Securus came up with a key advancement in technology that controls entry cell […]

JHSF: an Outstanding Market Leader Run Under José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a renowned real estate developer popularly known for their great involvement in commercial incorporation and residential development. It was launched in 1972 and has since maintained relevance in their area of specialty. As they celebrate over thirteen years of relevance in the real estate industry, JHSF attributes its great success to their administration, […]

Waiakea Water’s Sustainability and Health Benefits

Approximately 650 million people did not have access to clean water in 2014. Concurrently, over 2.3 billion people do not have basic functional sanitation in place. Out of this number, 37% of the people hail from Sub-Saharan Africa, a number projected to increase in the next ten years. According to the water consumption figures, Malawi […]

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Successfully Treats Sleep Disorders

As it turns out, beauty sleep is a real thing, and those who don’t get enough sleep could be putting their appearance at risk. Sleep specialists warn about the perils associated with sleep deprivation. Those who get less than six hours of sleep per night have a much higher risk of adversely impacting their facial […]

Fabletics Demonstrates How To Thrive in the Changing Market

Fashion is one very interesting industry that is always changing. The only type of company that is going to thrive in this industry is one that is a game changer. Many other companies struggle. Some of them do not survive the changes that come. This is one of the reasons that it is important to […]

Adventuring Napa Valley Like A Vineyard Wine Guide

Everyone knows that Napa Valley is known for its beautiful scenery and wine vineyards. Wine lovers from around the world have heard about this fantastic Wine Country. Napa Valley land was made to harvest plentiful wine vineyards. Great news, checking out the wine vineyard is not the only option when they visit. Travelers can plan […]

Hussain Sajwani – Putting Damac Properties on the Global Map

The real estate landscape of Dubai is famous around the world for being one of the most elegant and highly advanced. Entire Dubai is dotted with high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, and it is particularly due to the efforts made by the leading real estate companies like Damac Properties. Damac Properties is one of the leading […]

The Incredible Future And Increased Opportunities Of The Brown Modeling Agency

The Brown Agency represents commercial and modeling talent and came to Austin, Texas in 2010. They have become a leader in the industry with expectations and big market standards that were new to Austin. Since they have opened their models have worked for hot ticket names including Dell, Louis Vuitton, Loreal, Toyota and thousands of […]

Kim Dao Visits Special “Attack On Titan” Event In Tokyo

Anyone who has watched Kim Dao’s latest YouTube videos knows that she loves the anime series “Attack on Titan.” In particular, Kim Dao has a fantasy crush on the character Levi…and she’s not embarrassed to show it. In a brand new vlog, Kim Dao takes viewers to a special “Attack on Titan” event held in […]