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Doe Deere Starts her Day Off Right

Doe Deere, the genius behind the beauty bran Lime Crime, has a specific morning ritual she follows to get a goods start to every day. She covers everything from the beauty products she uses and the music she listens to in order to get herself pumped for the day.   She believes it’s important to […]

Why You Should Try WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Products

If you stay up late at night, you most likely have seen at least one commercial for hair care products by Chaz Dean. This is the commercial where a number of women are all talking about their hair and what their hair was like prior to becoming a promoter for the product. They shake their […]

Doe Deere’s Impact On The Cosmetics Industry

Every once and a while big changes seem to come to light in all industries across the board. These changes usually come in dramatic forms and fashions, “no pun intended.” The Cosmetic Industry is no exception to the rule and it’s newly crowned jewel Lime Crime is taking on all challengers for king of the […]

Doe Deere and Lime Crime Set The World Afire With Unicorns

Have you heard of the makeup company Lime Crime? Oh so you haven’t? Well, the company was founded by a woman known as Doe Deere. You see, shes a real life rebel. She is ever changing and is as self proclaimed could ever be. You see, shes actually a unicorn queen. This is her ever […]

Build Your Hair With The Superior Effects Of A Leading Beauty Product

Why not infuse your hair with superior rich ingredients that work to nourish your hair from root to tip? Thousands of women are relying on all natural ingredients to nourish and saturate their scalp, giving the hair the benefits of growth and revitalization. Wen by Chaz is packed with essential vitamins that gives your hair […]