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Securus Technologies Becomes more Diversified in Business

Securus Technologies Inc. has been working towards its expansion since 2014. The company recently announced its success as well as the transition of business that is going to embark on.   The business of Securus Technologies Inc. used to only in the industry of inmate communication. The expansion of the company has made Securus Technologies […]

Securus Technologies – Helping Law Enforcement Officials Work Safely and Efficiently

Securus Technologies plays a significant role in modernizing the incarceration experience today with the aid of advanced research and development in the field. At present, the company holds over 600 patents, and the figure is expected to rise in due course in the future. The company serves over 1.2 million prisoners across the country, and […]

Securus Technologies: Reforming Prisons so Prisons can Reform Prisoners

It is not often that we hear good news in regards to our prison systems, but Securus Technologies is making prisons work. Securus is the manufacturer of a wide variety of technology products that improve the prison system from the inside out.   That’s right, they are not just improving the function of correctional facilities […]