8/16/2017 Updates:
David Giertz made some really good points on French Tribune, about how you can still spend money even when you’re retired. Let’s face it, everything has a cost, and a part of the fear with retirement is having to live a more frugal life as you don’t have that consistent income anymore. But that can change with effective planning. David outlines some tips in the article you can read here.

6/15/2017 Updates:
David raises some pretty huge concerns on FrenchTribune about how clients are not being talked to about social security. This is really important information, and something you’ll want to consider when choosing a financial advisor. You want a broker that’s out for you, not for themselves. Mr. Giertz outlines what you need to look for here.

Davis Giertz is the current Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales. He also serves as President, Senior Vice President, and Director for several other Nationwide companies. He previously served as the Vice President of Sales at Nationwide. David Giertz has 30 years experience in the insurance and financial industry. He is also registered as a broker with FINRA.

David Giertz believes that advisors need to speak to their clients about Social Security in retirement. He believes that not enough of them are doing so and that is a mistake on their part. Nationwide Financial conducted a survey and found that most people said their advisors have not spoken to them about social security. From a retention perspective, it is very important for advisors to be talking to their clients about social security. The same survey on Nationwide showed that four out of five people would switch advisors if their own advisor was not discussing social security with them. The topic of social security is a very complex topic, which is why many advisors probably avoid the topic. The Social Security handbook has twenty-seven hundred rules, which is a lot to comprehend and understand. It is a complex subject and many advisors are not comfortable with the topic on Facebook.

Social Security should always be considered when planning your financial security in retirement. Social Security could be up to forty percent of your retirement income, so it is an important topic to discuss and take into account when planning for retirement. Advisors need to be able to tell their clients when the best time to start social security is. Many start it too early and lose out on thousands of dollars over their many years in retirement at http://www.whitepages.com/name/David-L-Giertz/Columbus-OH/7x2w2br. Up to one thousand dollars a month is a lot of money to miss out on simply because your advisor didn’t talk to you about when the appropriate time to take social security was. In order for people to optimize their retirement income, talking to their advisor about their social security income is a key piece in the retirement planning puzzle.