Richard Marvin DeVos Jr. is also known as Dick Devos and he is the current President of the Windquest Group. He has been a leading figure for this alternative energy organization since 2002. Over the years, Dick Devos and his wife (Betsy) have given millions of dollars to various organizations.


They have created the Dick and Betsy Devos Foundation for this very purpose. These two Republican Party supporters have played a key role in Michigan and American politics. Let’s take a look at the life of Dick Devos and the many great contributions that he has made throughout his lifetime.


Mr. Devos has had a very long and successful career. He has worked in many different types of jobs. The career he had at Amway is what laid a strong foundation for his work ethic and it has helped him to pave the way for future opportunities. Devos grew up in his father’s company. The Devos’s children used to perform a variety of tasks for the Amway organization when it was still operating out of his father’s home.


Dick’s father, Richard Devos Sr., started the Amway company from humble beginnings and grew it into a multi – billion dollar empire. A young Dick Devos learned a lot from his childhood days about how the world of business works. By the time Devos graduated from college he was ready to head his father’s business. Once he became a vice president within the organization. He had helped to make the company an overseas success.


In time Devos had left Amway. His father had purchased the Orlando Magic in 1991 and in 2005 he turned the leadership of this NBA franchise over to Dick Devos. Dick successfully lead the franchise for many years until he moved on to the Windquest Group.


Dick ran for office in 2006. He tried to become the governor of Michigan during that year. However, he lost the opportunity. Even though that was the case, he was and still is considered a leading figure in Michigan politics. His wife Besty was nominated as the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education during the Trump Administration in 2016. The Devos family are strong Republican Party supporters.


Dick Devos and his wife are strong believers in education and they also support the arts. They have made it a point to donate millions of dollars for both of these endeavors. Dick and Betsy has even started an aviation charter school called West Michigan Aviation Academy. He is a strong supporter of many charitable causes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dick Devos is the type of man that makes charitable contributions because he knows that his donations are truly making a difference.


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