Have you heard of the makeup company Lime Crime? Oh so you haven’t? Well, the company was founded by a woman known as Doe Deere. You see, shes a real life rebel. She is ever changing and is as self proclaimed could ever be. You see, shes actually a unicorn queen. This is her ever changing motto for everything that she does. It is her uniqueness that makes her what she is. She is a true entrepreneur.


Doe Deere, the creator of Lime Crime has made it possible for others to be open to their uniqueness. It is possible that others can be unicorn queens if they wish. If you find yourself unlike others around you or find that your makeup colors are more than those bland colors found in the stores, you most likely are a unicorn queen.


Are you tired of those same bland choices for makeup? Do you feel like you enjoy the colors of the world more than other people do? If so, you need to look at Lime Crime for your color choices. There is no limit to the colors that they make. There are plenty of color variations for you to use for all occasions. You don’t have to hide behind those bland colors anymore.


If you want makeup that is completely free of any kind of animal cruelty, you will want to use Lime Crime. If you want makeup that is going to last for the whole day without needing to reapply, this is the brand you want to choose. They make eye shadow, lip gloss and velvetines lipgloss and lipstick. The different colors are in an abundance and if you’re looking for a celebrity who is affiliated, look no further, Paris Hilton is on the cover of Glamour magazine showcasing her favorite colors by Lime Crime.


If this is not enough to make you give them a try, if your not sure if you want to purchase a large assortment without trying them first, look at their mini’s they make. The different color choices in the mini kits will allow you to first sample some shades before purchasing a number of them at once.