Doe Deere, the genius behind the beauty bran Lime Crime, has a specific morning ritual she follows to get a goods start to every day. She covers everything from the beauty products she uses and the music she listens to in order to get herself pumped for the day.


She believes it’s important to get a good night of sleep every day, and she finds that she works best when she has a solid nine hours of sleep. She wakes up at 8:30 am like clockwork every single morning. She attributes her great, clear skin to dedicating time to relax and rest. She enjoys getting up in the morning, having a delicious breakfast of grits, looking out the window and just thinking about her day. It helps her center herself before starting a busy day.


She drinks a full glass of water to hydrate her skin and then starts stretching. Stretching helps her get loose limbs and feeling more energized about the day. She usually eats grits, but occasionally will have a bowl of yogurt and fruit. Fresh squeezed orange juice is one of her favorites because she grows the oranges herself.


She stays organizes by planning her days in her phone calendar. As obsessed as she with checking her calendar and keeping an eye on Instagram, she believes it is important to dedicate a little bit of time apart from technology so she can get her creative mind working. While she does her makeup, Doe enjoys listening to The Beatles, in particular Abbey Road.


The washes her face with Glossier face wash which is a mild, rose smelling rinse. She follows this immediately with Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence. Next comes the actual makeup. She likes to use L’Oreal’s True Match for a more casual look and MAC’s Studio Fix if she has bigger plans. Lime Crime has their own foundation coming out soon.


After she powders her face and fixes her brows, she goes on to do her favorite part: blush and lipstick. She likes how the color brings her face to life. She sticks to the pink and red colored lip products that are found in the Lime Crime ‘Matte Velvetine‘ range. Her favorites are ‘Rustic’, ‘Red Velvet’, and ‘Pink Velvet’. This is her favorite part of the morning because she enjoys expressing herself through makeup. It usually takes her about her hour. She showers in the evening so she’s able to curl her hair with a styling wand in the morning. She has two Persian cats that she loves spending time with in the morning. They come over for petting and cuddles.


She makes it to the office by 12 p.m. and has lunch, chats with her team, and then starts attending meeting in the afternoon. Sometimes, on a long day, she is there until after midnight.


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