Every once and a while big changes seem to come to light in all industries across the board. These changes usually come in dramatic forms and fashions, “no pun intended.” The Cosmetic Industry is no exception to the rule and it’s newly crowned jewel Lime Crime is taking on all challengers for king of the hill. This is one of the hottest new brands to come along in many years and it’s reshaping the make-up field with it’s dazzling bright array of colors. Founded by Doe Deere; Lime Crime has introduced or should I say brought back, individuality in it’s rawest form. The brand uses some of the richest of colors as expression much more than any other brand on the market today. Doe Deere founded Lime Crime from the ground up and now she’s enjoying the fruits of her labor.


As a young girl, Deere always seem to have a different idea of what fashion should be. In 2004 she opened her newly independent business on Ebay as she modeled, designed, and manufactured her very own products. Knowing the market was full of similar fashion lines and concepts, she had to recreate herself as well as her brand to stand apart from the competition. In 2008 Lime Crime was up and running at full throttle. This eclectic brand was causing a stir in the industry thanks to it’s brilliantly infused colored lipsticks. These Lipsticks would become the staple of the entire brand as “The Velvetine Collection” introduced some of the most dazzling color tones such as wicked, alien, saint, black velvet, red velvet, faded, fetish, peacock, shroom, pumpkin, and many more. Not only were the products bold in appearance, they were certified vegan as well as animal cruelty-free. What other brand can you give this much credit?


Strategic marketing plays a crucial role with Lime Crime’s advertisements. The social media pages are loaded with fans and interest seekers of all races, but the good thing about Lime Crime is that id doesn’t discriminate against no one. Females and males love the passion and inspiration it gives off making it one of the top “cult Favorites” of today. Doe Deere is constantly making improvements as well as testing newer potential products. Every product that’s on the store shelves have been personally tested by this fascinating founder. Lime Crime is the future of cosmetics either way you look at it and Doe Deere has become a household name in just a matter of a few short years.

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