As it turns out, beauty sleep is a real thing, and those who don’t get enough sleep could be putting their appearance at risk. Sleep specialists warn about the perils associated with sleep deprivation. Those who get less than six hours of sleep per night have a much higher risk of adversely impacting their facial appearance. Extra sleep can have a very positive effect in just one day and even more so after three weeks.

Appearance is just a symptom, however. One’s overall health can be greatly compromised by chronic sleep deprivation. Hair loss can be a risk that comes with inadequate sleep. Hair follicles don’t get enough nourishment due to reduced blood flow caused by lack of sleep. Weak hair caused by sleep loss can break easily and has great difficulty growing. Lack of sleep can also increase the stress hormone Cortisol, which is a contributing factor in hair loss.
Puffy eyes are another telltale sign of those who are sleep deprived. This can be alleviated by adequate hydration, increased sleep time, and an extra pillow to elevate the head.
Lackluster or dull skin is an indication that you need extra sleep. Blood flow to the skin, the body’s largest organ, increases during sleep providing nurturing and healing. A healthy glow about the skin is a result and provides another incentive to get plenty of shut eye. Wrinkles are another malevolent effect of sleeping too little. Collagen is produced by the body during sleep and is crucial to repairing the skin. If one only gets five hours of sleep per night, fine lines can appear rapidly.
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