Dr. David Samedi suggests you stay away from illegal drugs for several reasons. First, they are not good for your health. Second, they will hinder your sexual life. Some men foolishly think that illicit drugs can improve their sex performance, but this is often the opposite. Many illegal drugs can cause a feeling of fatigue, impotence and even erectile dysfunction. So if you want a healthy sex life, it is a good idea to get off drugs and seek treatment if necessary.

Prescription drugs can also impact your sexual life says Dr. David Samedi. Some medications can lower your arousal or lead to a decrease in performance. In such cases, Dr. Samedi suggests you talk to your doctor about the issue. They may be able to give you an alternative drug that won’t inhibit your sexual performance.

To further improve your sex life and remain sexually healthy, Dr. Samedi recommends that men learn and practice stress management. He believes that stress can be a huge detriment to a man’s sex life. Keeping stress under control will boost your health and make your sex life much better. After all, you perform much better when you are relaxed rather than when you are worried and drained mentally.

Exercising is a great way to stay healthy and banish stress. It is also good for your sex life according to Dr. David Samedi. Regular exercise can increase your libido or desire, stamina and over well being. All of this translates to a much better sex life which includes better performance in bed.

As a doctor, David Samedi knows how crucial it is for men to undergo routine checkups. They are vital not only to help spot diseases early on but to address any issues that could negatively impact your health and sexual performance. Get regular checkups and discuss any issues that may be impacting your sexual life with your doctor. You just might get some solutions or medicines that can help you recover your health and sexual performance.

Dr. David Samedi works at Lenox Hill Hospital where he is chairman of the urology department and a chief of robotic surgery. Mr. Samedi also regularly contributes to the Fox News Channel on issues dealing with health, prevention and diseases. He has previously worked at the Mount Sinai Medical Center and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Dr. Samedi is considered to be a leading expert on robotic prostate surgery and has completed thousands of such surgeries.