Protection of the environment is a mandated obligation for all individuals and organizations. The practice is controlled by some organizations as well as government agencies for the benefit of the environment as well humans. Cotemar as the company is doing its best to ensure that they diligently protect the environment by formulating comprehensive relations to be adhered to by its staff team.

  • Compliance: Cotemar is ensuring that all employees working in their onshore and offshore facilities comply with the all the policies they have laid down for environmental protection as well as prevention of pollution.
  • Consistency: Cotemar ensures that all of their activities are consistent with their Quality, Safety, & Health and Environmental Protection Policy so as to prevent and reduce any environmental impact.
  • Safety: Substances and materials used at Cotemar can bring biological-infectious (feature CRETIB) or be reactive, toxic, corrosive or flammable. In this case, they have established a specific place to store empty containers where precautions are applied to discard.
  • Pollution: Cotemar ensures that no discharged wastes flow into the sea, soil, lagoon or the atmosphere unless authorized by the relevant authority after the necessary treatment applying the disposal policies.
  • Company operations: Cotemar does not involve itself in any form of fishing trade or handle any aquatic organism while operating in their facilities. They always stick to their line of business.
  • Cleaning Safety: Cleaning of their equipment and other items contaminated with oil or any chemical substance is usually done at the sites equipped with a good drainage system intended for that purpose. A thorough treatment of remnant is usually carried out before discharging.
  • Precautions: in case a spill of a pollutant material happens, Cotemar workers takes the responsibility by reporting to the captain of the vessels who in turn informs the operational areas as well as the Safety and Environmental Protection Department. Appropriate contingency processes and actions would then be carried to resolve the issue.
  • Accountability: There are times when the company is forced by circumstances to carry out their activities in the critical areas subjecting the environment to the risk of being affected either on sea or land. Cotemar follows the necessary legal authorizations and mitigation procedures before beginning such construction or activities.

About Cotemar

Cotemar is a pure Mexican company that is dedicated to serving the oil and gas industry. They offer different services such as offshore oil fields development, construction, and maintenance service, accommodation and catering as well as transport of both personnel and supplies using specialized vessels. The company was founded in 1979 and throughout the years they have successfully and diligently served the energy sector.

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