Fabletics, a clothing line for fitness that has also added to the athleisure trend (sports garments to wear outside the gym), and with which it shares their healthy lifestyle. It does not only promote fitness or spending hours at the gym but living a healthy lifestyle. The brand understands the “new” customer and adapts to provide a unique and personalized shopping experience.


Fabletics, in their publicity, brand, and identity combines functionality and fashion for the active and independent woman of the 21st century. The brand offers a personalized and unique online shopping experience, with original designs, high-quality fabrics and at an affordable price. The premium fabrics and the premise of functionality and comfort are combined with sophisticated and innovative designs are the key to engaged users. According to some reviews, they are not only comfortable and functional, but extremely resistant, and the growing number of these user experiences online keeps bringing avid shoppers pouring in. Their proposals and collections are designed in a special and unique way for any type of woman.


As the brand states, the designs are created in order to be exciting to the wearer, and the brand prides in the personalization of sports articles and sets is one of the main values of Fabletics. In their personal philosophy of making not only the articles unique but the shopping experience as well, Fabletics uses a reverse showroom technique that has proven to be highly engaging, and more people are getting into this new shopping trend.


The shopping experience starts with a styling questionnaire to determine tastes, sizes, and preferences when it comes to sporting sportswear. After this, Fabletics offers its members the outfits that best fit their lifestyle and thus contribute to greater well-being (obviously considering the above mentioned to grab the attention of the potential wearer).


They do it incredibly well. To start, right on the homepage, and in a way it cannot go unnoticed (although elegantly) a $25/50% discount.


They mention VIP membership, making people feel like they are gaining status or receiving special benefits by adding to the list. The hook is a test, something that people love and works very well. It is with which they get high, as well as valuable information about preferences, likes and even professional profile. With this, a highly segmented database makes it easier to forward relevant offers for each sector of potential or recurrent shoppers.


In addition, once the user has signed up, the discount has a countdown to the coupon, so anxious shoppers will have a hard time getting their mind off taking advantage of the one-time offer. The countdown, on top, stays above the page so it can be seen at all times while people browse in order to get to their cart full.


This, accompanied by a good strategy of communication, well-segmented social media, and branding with personality make Fabletics the keeper of the perfect recipe for success.