There are three issues that George Soros holds dear to him. Soros stands for criminal justice reforms, immigration reforms as well religious tolerance in the United States of America. Having spent millions in the past general elections, George Soros, and other rich liberals met in Washington to discuss the way forward as well as the issues that became apparent in this year’s election. The three-day closed-door meeting was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC. This meeting was organized and funded by the Democracy Alliance Donor Club. Some notable figures that graced the occasion included Nancy Pelosi, who is the House Democratic leader as well as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Keith Ellison. This was the first meeting that Soros attended concerning the Democratic Party since the election of Donald Trump. The main agenda of this meeting was to plan about the next elections as well as to come with a plan to make the life of the new president-elect difficult.

Some other issues that George Soros and his rich friends discussed were the role of money in politics as well as the role that other issues like climate change had on the election’s outcome. They also met to evaluate the role that the Democratic Alliance was playing on politics. During this meeting, some analysts warned that the right lessons should be learned. Soros had funded this campaign massively. He had spent around $ 30 million. He and Clinton have been friends for three decades and agree on several issues. Soros funded Clinton’s campaign as he had faith in her. According to Soros spokesman, his boss felt that stakes were high as Soros disagreed with Trump on many issues like religious tolerance, immigration issues and criminal justice reforms.

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Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary 85 year ago. He witnessed firsthand prosecution on the Jews by the Nazis as a young boy. He managed to survive the persecution as his father presented him with fake documents and identifications. He fled to England in 1947 alone and attended the London School of Economics where he discovered his love for finance. He took his first job at Wall Street in the year 1956. George Soros has supported the toppling of communism as well as post-communist dictators in Europe. Recently, he pleaded with the IMF to offer Ukraine funds for its economy. He also created a winning strategy for the Ukraine and presented it to the European Union authorities.

Also, in the past few years, George Soros has funded small campaigns at the county level to defeat district prosecutors and sheriffs who oppose the criminal justice reforms. Some of the counties that this billionaire has funded include Harris County in, Houston, Jefferson, and Gilpin Counties in Denver as well as the Maricopa County in Phoenix. His most notable opposition of a sheriff is the Arpaio case. This sheriff opposes criminal justice reform and opposes the immigration reform as well. He has spent $2.9 on his opposition who stands for more important issues such as rape cases, child molestation and assaults on immigrants.