Currently, a majority of businesses in the world are online based. This means that more opportunities are opening up for software suppliers and developers. LaunchPad Holdings is one of the beneficiaries of the massive software market. The company under the headship of the CEO, Glen Wakeman, is able to provide business planning resources for early-stage businesspeople.

Who is Glen Wakeman?

Glen Wakeman is well known as a business mentor, market leader, and revolutionist. Most of his business works revolve around the building of startup brands and performance methodologies to operational enterprises. He possesses a Masters Degree in Finance and a Bachelor Degree in Economics. He is a co-founder and the current CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. Before LaunchPad, Mr. Wakeman served at GE Capital, Nova Four, and Dora Corporation. In these firms, he held different managerial positions and he was also part of their board of directors. Overall, Glen is a celebrated entrepreneur, blogger, and business mentor.

Glen’s Influence at LaunchPad Holdings

Glen Wakeman is a principled business leader and he is mostly identified by his 5-steps business methodology which includes Risk Management, Leadership, Business execution, Human Capital, and Governance. He uses these principles at LaunchPad, where he is the Chief Executive Officer. When asked how the idea of LaunchPad was conceived, Glen says, “It’s all about matching business interest with cash.” According to Glen, the software business is an enjoyable one as he is in a position to help early-stage businesspeople achieve their online goals.

The company is able to design simple and cheaper business software programs ( His typical day at LaunchPad revolves around sales evaluation and administrative duties. He is able to understand the customers’ trends and respond to them in the most flexible way possible. He is also able to share insight business experience about his company in his regular blog posts and mentorship programs. He has mentored a number of C-Level executives internationally, and this has seen LaunchPad Holdings exhibit maximum growth.


Generally, Glen Wakeman is an experienced software manager, investor, mentor, and writer. He has over 20 years of business administrative experience. He is very vital to the online market and more so, to the startup brands.