JHSF is a renowned real estate developer popularly known for their great involvement in commercial incorporation and residential development. It was launched in 1972 and has since maintained relevance in their area of specialty. As they celebrate over thirteen years of relevance in the real estate industry, JHSF attributes its great success to their administration, a team serving under José Auriemo Neto. Over the years, Mr. Neto and his team have portrayed admirable traits particularly in being keen on pursuing any market opportunities available. To inform their operations, JHSF observes four business elements which are shopping centers, airport, incorporation, and hotel & restaurants.

An Overview of JHSF’s Shopping Malls

JHFS’s shopping segment has grown significantly to the point of escalating the company to an exceptionally prominent market position. In their projection, there are five shopping malls under operation, and each has significantly contributed to Brazil’s economic growth and innovations. For instance, Shopping Cidade Jardim in São Paulo was the first mall to bring in natural lighting and having their stores face the gardens. While at it, they also strictly lay emphasis on provision of high-quality cuisines and other delicacies. The particular model was so successful that within the first five years of inauguration, two expansions had already been completed. Every shopping mall constructed by JHSF under José Auriemo Neto has been serving significant national roles impacting the entire Brazil.

How José Auriemo Neto Ensures Relevance for JHSF

JHSF observes expertise in every sector they endeavor. When you visit Brazil, you realize most of the structures setting the standard in that nation are standing courtesy of JHSF. Their properties always impact the regions, turning them into the most visited spots. By erecting their property in the various parts of the country, JHSF informs the economic growth of the region in such a momentous manner, making its existence quite relevant. The most notable residential buildings in São Paulo bear the JHSF hallmark, which happens for obvious reasons; they invest in the best architects. Their way of doing things is also unique. They are recognized as the first Brazilian firm to incorporate hospitality to their real estate endeavors. They have gone ahead to grow their presence in other regions, making them a global figure.