Samauri Buyer sent Kim Dao a big box of assorted green tea goodies. Kim Dao recommends that anyone who wants Japanese goods sent to them, use this service. Someone from the company will buy the product for you and ship it to wherever you want, for a fee.


Kim Dao took out a pouch of Matcha chocolate, what looked like one round sugar cookie, and of course some green tea. There was a mystery package wrapped in some type a lavender Linen material. Samauri included a box of Matcha latte that can be prepared either hot or cold. It contained seven tubes or sticks of tea. Kim Dao emptied the contents of one stick into her Sailor Moon mug. Matcha latte is sweet and has a light green color. Samauri addded a chewy, green tea cake that looked something like cheese cake streaked in light green. The Matcha chocolate came with an inner pouch that looked like what cake mix comes in. The chocolate was individually wrappedd in cellophane. The chocolate was chewy and tasted like milk chocolate. The cookie was really a Sembe cracker, a sweet rice cracker.


The package wrapped in lavender linen was a traditional tea set boxed up. It came with a bowl, a small container of green tea, two wrapped little green tea cakes, a small wooden spoon, and some stirrers. Samauri Buyers put in a video, for Kim Dao,on how to have traditional Japanese tea. Samauri can be used to buy goods from Amazon.


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