Anyone who has watched Kim Dao’s latest YouTube videos knows that she loves the anime series “Attack on Titan.” In particular, Kim Dao has a fantasy crush on the character Levi…and she’s not embarrassed to show it. In a brand new vlog, Kim Dao takes viewers to a special “Attack on Titan” event held in the iconic Tokyo SkyTree. Learn more:


Before going to the SkyTree, Kim Dao meets Sophie (aka Peach Milky Vlogs) and her boyfriend Luke near the Sensō-ji temple. As they are walking towards the temple, Kim Dao decides to purchase some agemanju at a street food vendor. Kim Dao orders the sesame flavored agemanju.


Next, Kim Dao walks inside the Sensō-ji temple complex. She smells some incense sticks and says a short prayer in this renowned Buddhist temple. Kim Dao is surprised that there are no street food vendors around the temple today. Since Kim is really hungry, she suggests taking the train to the SkyTree area and getting some grub there. Learn more:


In the next clip, Kim and her friends walk into the train station and take the line bound for the SkyTree. Kim Dao says that the special “Attack on Titan” show won’t start for another three hours, but she decides to go up to the top now.


After they purchase their tickets, the three friends hop into the super fast SkyTree elevator. Believe it or not, this elevator can travel an astonishing 600 m/min! Kim Dao shows us the impressive aerial views of Tokyo from atop the SkyTree observatory.


A few moments later, Kim, Sophie, and Luke walk over to the special “Attack on Titan” café. Kim orders a “Levi latte” and a hearty stew for lunch. She says that the stew is pretty good.


With lunch finished, Kim Dao decides to order a ticket to the Tokyo SkyTree Tembo Galleria so she can take some photo ops with “Attack on Titan” characters. Kim Dao is a bit disappointed when she only discovers two places to take pictures, but she enjoys looking at the exclusive merchandise.

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