Every day before you set out for lunch, there are a number of things you always consider before making a stop at any restaurant. Am I really hungry, what food do I feel like munching, what’s the order process like and how yummy will it be? Those coupled with how much longer will I have to wait before my stomach is empty again is what’s in the mind of a hungry man at 1300hours. Well, Sweetgreen restaurant which is an American fast casual restaurant chain has a satisfying answer to all your questions.


Founded in 2007, the chain of restaurant is ever flocked with people standing in line; you might think it’s a release of a new laptop computer. One thing works miracle for the restaurant; it’s healthy, tasty and affordable food. The goodness of the food there is that you remain satisfied an hour plus later after you eat, something which is still uncommon with many lunch salads served everywhere.


When asked about the secrets to having customers flock at his restaurant’s doorstep every day, the Sweetgreen co-founder Nathaniel Ru had these to explain to Tech Insider. The timing of opening the stores is the real strategy of Sweetgreen’s success. He added that the time they enter the market is just as important as how many stores they will open. Since its establishment, it has since opened stores in the posh neighborhoods of Tribeca, Nolita, and Williamsburg. It holds firmly the idea of going beyond pure convenience. The restaurant targets not only lunch customers but guests during evening and weekends.


Ru explains their service design as a culmination of storytelling, technology and the design itself. With this, he adds that his customers can rely on the restaurant whether or not they are ordering from in-store or through their App, which a staggering 30% of his clients use.


Another strategy that they use to glue their customers to them is through opening a real kitchen. That way clients see the ingredients and the process behind it. Also, guests can get large images of the ingredients before they order, rather than having the images on the box. These and more practices keep guests coming back for more.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru went to Georgetown University where in 2007 he graduated from McDonough school of Business with a BS in Finance. Ru, together with his 2 other friends from the same university then came together in 2007 and founded Sweetgreen Restaurant in the heart of Georgetown. Currently, the restaurant is in more than 10 locations in the US, with several thousand employees.