Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. offers services that prevent delays and other issues as a result of title defects. Title defects can cause wrongful foreclosures and hamper the buying and selling process. These issues can be avoided by addressing title defects early on. Nationwide Title Clearning, Inc. (NTC) is a widely known and respected company that provides research, documentation and land records throughout the country.


Some causes for title defects may include:


  • Wording issues that negate legality of documents
  • Missing signatures
  • Liens and other issues not being cleared



These can cause major delays when it comes to foreclosure, sales and transfers. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. provides property reports that help avoid problems in the future. These services help mortgage and finance companies, as well as property owners. This prevents situations where an entity attempts or does in fact purchase a property that is legally owned by someone else. This results in messy and lengthy processes and inhibits sales, ownership and foreclosures of properties.


In the past, obtaining documentation and reports was time-consuming and often difficult. Nationwide streamlines and simplifies this process, effectively doing the work for you. You can order reports online and have access to all information and history on any residential property. This includes:



  • Assignment verification report services
  • Current owner report
  • Encumbrance report
  • Tax status report



Nationwide provides accurate information to its customers and makes the process simple, ensuring customers get only the documentation they need to avoid unnecessary time wasted on non-essential documentation.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was founded in 1991 and is based in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company provides their services to mortgage lenders, investors, services and delivers accurate research services that are well-respected in the industry.


In addition, NTC won the Inc. Hire Power award two consecutive years for putting Americans back to work. National Title Clearing, Inc. employs approximately 250 employees and estimates show that the company has an average of $100 to $500 million.


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