Norman Pattiz has recently dominated the headlines after announcing the results of extensive tests based on advertising tests with five prominent national consumer brands. As the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz deemed it necessary to partner with Edison Research and come up with informative results.

Conducted over the last six months to 2017, the tests revealed the positive impacts made by advertising on brand recall, response to specific messaging and intent to purchase. From the study, the following emerged as essential information:

  • Over a third of respondents had positive comments regarding the automobile aftermarket product, which is essentially an 18% increase from the pre-study results. Alternatively, 22% of customers were more likely to procure lawn and garden product compared to 16% from the pre-study phase.
  • Campaign message recognition played an integral role in the promotion of aftermarket products courtesy of 60% increment from the pre-study period while the dining restaurant target market reported an impressive 76% increase.
  • Adequate measures had been instigated to advertise product awareness from 37% to 47%, while the lawn and garden products exuded their marketing influence on customers.
  • 60% of respondents recognized particular grocery brand campaigns as critical decision-making determinants, which undeniably rose from 7%.

Such a critical exercise wouldn’t have fruited without the immense contribution of Edison Research which conducted three separate studies with the sole intention of yielding accurate and reliable statistics. Moreover, such information highlighted the significant role played by advertising techniques on major national brands.

Despite their established or growing popularity, each brand highly benefited from the new messaging platform which proved to be a real game changer. As a testament to their success, an online survey conducted between 4-6 weeks revealed that advertisements on podcasts yielded a unique and positive effect in the attraction of more viewers and customers.

While addressing an enthusiastic congregation, Tom Webster, the vice president of Strategy at Edison Research, hailed the elaborate partnership between the two institutions. Through their collaboration, customer interaction with various brands has been taken to a whole new level courtesy of modern and reliable statistics from the in-house work crew.

Profile of Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz’s rise to prominence is nothing short of spectacular. Before holding such an influential post, Pattiz had served as founder and chairman of Westwood One, a top radio broadcasting company in the U.S. His insightful leadership and keen business acumen have played a crucial role in cementing his status as a trailblazer in the industry.

He is credited for hosting several personalities such as Ron Paul, Dr. Drew Pinsky and many more.

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