The chairman and one of the founders of the PodcastOne Company, Norman Pattiz has announced an exciting new addition to the Jericho Network at his company. WWE wrestler Chris Jericho’s network will now include a show about the paranormal and unknown. It will be known as the Beyond the Darkness Podcast and will cover paranormal themes such as ghosts, angels, demons, ghouls and encounters with supposed monsters. Unsolved mysteries, supposed miracles and even UFOs will be discussed and analyzed as well.


The Beyond the Darkness Podcast network will be hosted by paranormal, mystery and UFO experts Dave Shrader and Tim Dennis. Mr. Shrader is a published author on these subjects and is also a radio host currently. Mr. Dennis meanwhile is a radio show producer and radio host. He is also considered to be an authority on the mysterious, bizarre and paranormal. The Beyond the Darkness show will have new episodes every Monday for listeners. They can be listened to through PodcastOne via the company’s official website at, iTunes and the PodcastOne mobile application.


Speaking about the Jericho Podcast Network, Chairman of PodcastOne Network, Norman Pattiz, says that Chris Jericho has created one of the most successful and popular networks that is featured through at his company. It has outgrown from wrestling and entertainment to a fascinating new subject that should thrill and even spook some viewers. Chris Jericho himself commented on the latest addition by saying that he was very excited to welcome such a channel and experts to his network. He did admit he was a little creeped out but looks forward to Dave Shrader’s and Tim Denis’s latest podcast shows. It is a podcast networks dream or nightmare pointed out Chris Jericho in good humor, while referring to the Into the Darkness set to be featured at his Jericho Network.


Who Is Norman Pattiz?


Norman Pattiz is a radio broadcasting mogul who has been inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame for his contributions and accomplishments in the world of radio broadcasting. He founded Westwood One, and grew it to becoming the largest broadcaster of radio news, sports, traffic, entertainment and talk shows in the country. Mr. Pattiz is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group.


The latest venture of Norman Pattiz is the PodcastOne Network. It is a podcast broadcasting company that is fully funded by advertising revenue. Norman Pattiz has also served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He was appointed there by presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.