Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, is said to be a man full of expertise and experience in the field of technology. Based in Dallas, Texas, United States of America, Securus Technologies is a prison technology firm founded in 1986. Securus came up with a key advancement in technology that controls entry cell phones into correctional facilities. Securus has grown over the years and currently serves over 2500 correctional facilities in the United States of America and Canada.Rick Smith attended the Rochester Institute of Technology and earned an associate’s degree. Mr. Smith also attended the State University of New York, Buffalo where he earned a bachelor’s degree and masters in Engineering. Apart from that, Rick Smith also holds an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. Rick Smith began his career at the Global Crossing North America Incorporation in 1972 but later on quit.

After leaving Global Crossing, Rick Smith’s career involved moving from one company to another. Midwest Telephone Operations and Network Plant Operations are some of the firms he worked with.In 1998, Rick Smith joined Eschelon Telecommunication Incorporation as the Chief Financial Officer. Between 2000 and 2003, Rick Smith was promoted to the president position then to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Within 3 years, under the leadership of Rick Smith, Eschelon was able to increase its revenue from $30 million to $350 million. It was in 2008, that Rick Smith joined Securus as the president and Chief Executive Officer. Ever since Smith took over, Securus Technologies has been growing consistently in the market. It was even able to beat its biggest competitor Global Tel Link. Furthermore, Securus’s domestic call center is said to be performing 600 % better than any other firm in the market.

Various e-mails and blog posts have been produced in a bid to make incarnation a better place option than leaving individuals out on the loose to create terrifying situations. Rick Smith says that Securus has continuously been receiving E-mails of appreciation about the firm’s services. The e-mails also express the gratitude for Securus’ efforts to create a safe society for all.Truly under Rick Smith, Securus has improved greatly with investments of over $600 million in various sectors like technology and patents. One such great investment is the acquisition of Jpay. Jpay is a firm based in Florida and a leading provider of inmate payments, tablet and email products. Rick Smith who spearheaded this move is in great support of this. He says that with such transaction, Securus will be in a position of offering any tech software to correctional facilities necessary in running and managing it. Recruiting Rick Smith might have been the best move Securus ever made.