Securus Technologies Inc. has been working towards its expansion since 2014. The company recently announced its success as well as the transition of business that is going to embark on.


The business of Securus Technologies Inc. used to only in the industry of inmate communication. The expansion of the company has made Securus Technologies Inc. more diversified, and now it is also operating in the business of security software. Securus Technologies Inc. will work in government services as well as develop technological solutions for security and be present in a vast variety of vertical markets.


The leader of Securus Technologies Inc., CEO Rick Smith, talked about the significant growth of the large corporation. As it appears, the growth mostly stemmed from the large investment s the company has been making into its future, namely $670 million. The large sum of money has gone towards product enhancements, coming out with new services and products to offer, as well as partnerships, business acquisitions, and patents. Over the past five years, $670 million has been directed capital regularly towards the expansion of the company.


According to the CEO of Securus Technologies Inc. Mr. Rick Smith, the expansion has been going forward all the while the company has been maintaining close communication with their clients. That includes jails, and prisons, as well as sheriffs, deputies, wardens, IT staff members of the facilities, and so on.


The company values its communities, and as CEO Rick Smith described it, Securus Technologies Inc. has a lot of social responsibility to take care of and a lot of expectations to meet. A significant part of the responsibility is towards the public which are the people who need to be protected. Securus Technologies Inc. has a concrete mission to improve security for people nationwide as well as their lives through helping reduce the crime rate.