It is not often that we hear good news in regards to our prison systems, but Securus Technologies is making prisons work. Securus is the manufacturer of a wide variety of technology products that improve the prison system from the inside out.


That’s right, they are not just improving the function of correctional facilities but they are providing technology that actually increases the level of success an inmates experience when they are released. While in prison Securus improves the quality of the inmate’s experience by improving their safety, their access to educational tools, and their contact with positive people on the outside.


Securus manufactures the communication tools which allow inmates to have regular contact with their family or other supportive people. The inmate is more likely to work hard to change when they remember the people who love them. Their goals become focused on making a successful reentry into the outside world. They are able to contact potential employers, set-up appointments with needed supports and generally not get stuck in a prison mentality.


Securus also provides the technology which makes the work of prison employees safer and less stressful. The security surveillance equipment, communication tools, and software used by their customers is cutting edge. The employees spend less time concerned with faulty systems and more time doing their jobs.


Securus’ recent acquisition of Jpay Inc. has thrust Securus to the top of manufacturers of technology in this field. In a PR Newswire article, Ryan Shapiro, Jpay’s CEO said, “We are always eager to expand our footprint. Our products deliver tremendous value to every constituent: the prison staff, family, and friends, and of course, the inmate. Our focus is to develop groundbreaking products then gain adoption on a massive scale. With Securus behind us, we can now make that happen in a fraction of the time.”


This is good news for us all.