Most people who have visited the Washington, D.C. area are familiar with the salad chain, Sweetgreen. The chain functions as a fast food restaurant for the super busy of the city but it offers only products that are healthy for people to eat. It is a salad chain but it is so much more than that.


Located close to Georgetown, the salad chain first started out as a destination for college students who were looking for something a little more than the cafeteria food that they had available to them on campus. The students loved the idea of Sweetgreen and it became a frequent destination for them. Whether they were stopping for dinner or they wanted to try it out for their post-workout food, they were able to get what they wanted out of what Sweetgreen had to offer: a great tasting and healthy choice that was quick and easy to access.


Because it was so popular for the students, it quickly outgrew its original location. The founder, Nathaniel Ru, knew that there needed to be more options for students. He began looking into the possibility of opening yet another location close to campus. He secured the location and began working on it. Similarly to how the first location skyrocketed because of the concept, the second one did the same. The restaurant was so successful that it was growing faster than what the locations could keep up with. Both locations were constantly full and students were always raving about Sweetgreen.


He opened up several more locations throughout the city and these continued to be as successful as what the original ones were. He wanted to make sure that everyone in the city, including the people who were so busy working for the government, were able to get the lunch choices that they deserved. Sweetgreen was a great new concept that was taking over Washington, D.C. by storm and allowed Nathaniel Ru to see the sweetness of success.


As a college student at Georgetown, Nathaniel Ru knew that he wanted to do something more than the average person. His idea to make a fast food restaurant with high-quality, good-for-you food was novel and something that had never been done before. It was fast food for people who wanted to be healthy and eat salad. He took his idea and ran with it. The company is now worth over 95 million dollars and Nathaniel Ru is basking in the success that comes with having a multimillion dollar company and is enjoying the results of his hard work.