It has many names but most people know it as Shea butter. Technically speaking, shea butter is classified as a fat. That is one of the many reasons it may be a surprise to many that it is used as a beauty product. It has many uses, but mainly it is used as salve, lotion and a moisturizer. Its popularity has even spread into the food industry. Not surprisingly, since it is extracted from the African Shea Tree, shea butter is consider safe for human consumption. Some chefs have been known to use the butter in oil mixes to create an alternative to cocoa butter. Given the many uses of this remarkably simple and important natural resource, many corporations around the world have taken advantage of shea butter to provide customers with superior products.


One such company that has made shea butter at the heart of their products is Eugenia Shea. The company is not a typical Fortune 500 corporation but rather a small, family owned operation. Eugenia Shea is one of the unique corporations in the world that not only says they value their employees, they follow through on that value via their actions. The company donates fifteen percent of profits earned to employees in their Ghana operation.


Eugenia Shea was formed in 2014 by a mother and daughter who love shea butter. Together, the two leveraged the mother’s prior experience as President of the Global Shea Alliance to produce high-quality shea butter products worldwide. Part of the secret to success for the company is the use of Naaskle shea. Naaskle shea uses raw Ghanaian shea butter, which has become one of the more reputable sources of the butter worldwide.


At only two years of existence,the company has managed to become a respected name in the shea butter business. There is little doubt that guided by the dynamic mother-daughter team that founded the company, their business has a bright future. However, perhaps the bigger excitement is the growing popularity and utilization of shea butter itself by people for their food and cosmetic needs.