Town Residential is a firm offering real estate services. It was founded by Heiberger in the year 2010, and it specializes in residential leasing, sales, and marketing. The firm has a team of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable about their job, therefore, giving the best services to their customers. Town Residential has introduced new and high standards of service, excellence, and perfection in the industry. It is among the Top 50 best firms to work in New York City. Town residential representatives give their clients satisfying services and a good reason to work with them. Here are some of the details of services offered by Town Residential.


Leasing and Town Marketing


Town Residential has a variety of houses to choose from, and these houses are in different neighborhoods, and a customer can decide which one to take. Twenty exchange place which neighbors financial district is a good example of a property which is being leased by Town Residential. The 20 exchange place has an architectural design of cross to cross, from 1 to 3 bedrooms per unit, 767 units, and 59 storeys. The 20 exchange place was built in the year 1931 but still stands strong and intact. The interior of this building is well maintained with most current cabinets, kitchen sinks and all other necessary fittings. The 20 exchange place is just one example of apartments which are being leased by Town Residential.




Town Residential is a place where buyers meet sellers for a better deal. This firm deals with so many types of houses, and you will be able to choose the one that you feel can serve your needs. Circa is an example if a property that has been advertised by Town Residential. It has 38 units with one to five bedrooms per unit. Artimus developed the 11 storeys building. Other amenities that it has include but not limited to kid’s scooters, onsite parking, children’s playground, ready picnic baskets and much more. Town Residential has property for sale all over New York, and the well-experienced realtors are always available to guide customers through the buying process.


Open Houses


A client can contact a sales representative to confirm viewing; open houses have specific dates and time that one can view. Open houses are luxurious apartments which are in a cool and calm neighborhood.

Town Residential is a well-organized firm where both sellers and buyers get what they are looking for without much hustle.




Town guides are books which are designed for particular persons, the buyers, sellers, financing, and rental guides. Town Residential also help its clients when they are relocating, the team of experienced professionals will assist in the whole relocation process. The client can also be given some allowances to facilitate the relocation process. The relocation specialist will give the customer all the information that is necessary to him or her about the neighborhood. They will also consider any other relevant information. Just before the client gets to the new home, the relocation specialist can help in setting up the place and make it ready for use.