The founder of one of my favorite brands, Lime Crime, recently sat down to talk to Guest of a Guest to talk about how she grew Lime Crime into what it is today and how following her dreams was the key to her success.


First, I should say that I am a huge Lime Crime fan. I LOVE their funky shades of lipsticks, sparkling highlighters and unique eye shadows. I have always loved for my makeup to be bright and something that expressed I was just a little bit different inside. The problem I always ran into was that the quality of these bright colors were usually lagging. I would go fora hot pink lipstick and 10 minutes later half of it was on my teeth or had made a soft pink circle surrounding my lips. Lime Crime has every color under the rainbow and has such amazing quality. It’s also completely vegan and never tested on any animals, which is a plus.


They call Doe Deere, Lime Crime founder the “Queen of all the Unicorns,” and rightly so. She’s inspired women everywhere to really express themselves through their makeup, just as we express ourselves with our clothing.


In the Guest with a Guest article, Doe dove into why she created such a niche brand. Like me, she loved expressing herself through bright colors but at the time of Lime Crime’s inception, the “natural” beauty phase was still in, leaving much to be desired for us funky-color wearers.


Doe Deere had a background in fashion and felt she was called to create this line of products for those who love color to express themselves. In the article, she says she truly didn’t know just how many women out there felt this way, and that is what led to Lime Crime’s huge success and such wide adoption across the world.


Her advice for following your own dreams? Just to do it – go follow your calling! She believes that we all have an unique calling that we know is inside us. She believe everyone everywhere has some type of unique passion inside us, and when we listen to it and really believe in ourselves, that is when success comes from those passions. We hear that phase a lot “believe in yourself.” Her advice extended beyond that to tell people to really try to know themselves and be in touch with themselves in order to achieve the success path they desire.


Great advice, isn’t it?


A little background on Doe I didn’t know – she was actually born in Russia before moving to New York City. She met her husband when they both played in a band together. She also started her very first business when she was in Russia at age 13 selling temporary tattoos. Her advice for how that become a success feels very on point with how Lime Crime did – she says she just made people feel it was okay to sport a temporary tattoo if they wanted to.


The article was truly inspirational, and if you want to learn more about Doe you can read it here:


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